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Cash Only Venue

Kuranda Amphitheatre is a Cash Only Venue. We do not accept credit/debit cards, bitcoin or cheques. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Disability Access

A wheelchair friendly viewing area is provided.  Amenities are available.
Food & Bar are easily accessible via  paved ramps and footpaths at main entry.


Toddler & baby food is allowed, however NO OTHER FOOD/SNACKS are to be brought into the venue. Food and drink are available for purchase and all proceeds go towards the maintenance & upkeep of our community venue.


Sealed bottled water is allowed into the venue. No personal bottles will be allowed unless empty and not made of glass. Baby bottles are allowed. All other drinks will be confiscated during bag search outside venue.


Strictly NO ALCOHOL is to be brought in or out of the venue. All alcohol will be confiscated at bag search. Alcohol will be available for purchase and consumption within the designated areas of Kuranda Amphitheatre on a
gig by gig basis.


Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only.


Kuranda Amphitheatre is a drug free zone throughout the entire venue.


For most general events, parking is available adjacent to the venue.
For Mainstage and Large events, parking information can be found on our facebook page and the homepage of our website. Disability parking is available inside the venue by contacting us to arrange position.


Kuranda Amphitheatre is a standing room only venue for large mainstage events. Folding chairs etc., are allowed in smaller events. Check our facebook page and homepage for details on a gig by gig basis.

Babies & Prams

Babies may not be allowed for large mainstage events, however are allowed in smaller events. This is often up to the Promoters of the event. Check our facebook page and homepage for details on a gig by gig basis.


Kuranda Amphitheatre has a policy to allow free entry for children 12 years of age and under for community events. For large mainstage events, check our facebook page and homepage for details on a gig by gig basis. This is often up to the Promoters of the event.

Sharps & Glass

Not permitted. Any items found during bag search at venue entry will be confiscated.

NEXT BEE - AUGUST 12TH 2018 working bee, 10am. All welcome!


5 Barron Falls Road
Kuranda Qld 4881

P.O. Box 500 
Kuranda Qld 4881


President - Liza Dewey
Secretary - Sonya Richardson
Treasurer - Beatrice Sam
Projects - Mandy Dewey
Bookings - John Dunne.

Working Bee's 2018

Next Bee -  August 12th
September 9th – October 14th
November 11th – December 9th