Community Consultation Sessions Update – July 2024

Make Your Voice Count!

Provide feedback for the second stage of our Future Planning Process.

The Kuranda Amphitheatre Society conducted 3 community consultation sessions in January 2024. This was followed up with online surveys collecting input, ideas and support for maintaining and improving our physical infrastructure for the Amphitheatre’s next decade and beyond.

The outcomes of those meetings were compiled into a report, building designs and a site plan, and are published here:

  1. Community Consultation Report
  2. Preliminary site plan/ landscape drawings
  3. Preliminary building design drawings

You can provide further feedback on the planning documents by completing the online survey.

Feedback from this stage of the process will then be incorporated for the final documents, which will be used to guide the KAS committee’s maintenance and improvement priorities for the next 10 years. These final documents will be presented at our next General Meeting in September.

This process and resulting documents are highly beneficial in leveraging funding & sponsorship to keep the Amphitheatre infrastructure ship-shape!